two eyes one dimple

passing out smiles. for free. on my good side.


I have only one dimple. On the left side. Someone stole the other one from me. If you find said person, bring them to me! I kid. I’m striving toward being an all-around centered, loving being these days. Namaste.

I’ve spent some time dabbling in writing. Mainly in my undergraduate career as an English major. These days I split my time between finishing my 2nd Masters (graduation in May!), staying fit through pole fitness and dance cardio, making and tweaking meals to fit my new vegan lifestyle, and reading as much as I can when I can about investing and being financially stable.

Oh. And traveling. Of course! How could I forget that? I love to travel. I thought everyone did, but apparently there are some people who don’t. No worries – to each his own boo! But if you travel frequently, I want to know how. When I travel more, I will share. That’s how this works. It’s the perfect partnership.

I’m a proud pet mommy to the most awesome Boxer boy in the world. But it appears my introvert ways have made him only want to stay around me. All the time. Crazy.

All in all, just a lil soul-searchin and meaning-finding journey I’ve decided to document and share along the way!