I have one good dimple. On the left side. Someone stole the other one from me. If you find said person, bring them to me! I kid. I’m striving to be a peaceful, centered being these days. Namaste.

Answering a call for something greater, I decided to leave my stable career in higher education to live abroad.

My long-time love has always been animals. A few other hobbies include taking cloud pictures, perfecting my beach-snob criteria, and making earth taste good.

Special Note:: I started this blog years ago, inconsistently posting when the time and words presented themselves. All posts written on or after June 2019 will probably have a different tone. I’m working on improving my writing and expanding my presence as an internet contributor.

It’s been quite a journey! I don’t know what’s to come, but I’m for being here and glad you’re checking it out with me.

Thanks for visiting!