Steps I take to do something when I feel stuck

Sometimes I wake up stressed about money.

For the record, I want to say: I am not a fan of money. I don’t like its energy. It’s dense and noisy. Money as a currency carries with it a weight of intense energy. Because it was not created in love, but rather in desperation and greed, it’s vibration is so disturbing to my spirit.

A good friend said the other day, “Yea. But we need money to survive.”

And I thought, “Actually, no. We don’t need money to survive. We need money to thrive in society,”… which at its very core has taught us everything we don’t need to survive. 

Money is a distraction from what matters. To survive, we need hydration and sunlight. Because we’re basically complicated flowers. Even food is not necessarily a need; if your body has water, fresh air, and sun, you can actually receive nourishment from nature. But that’s a whole other post.

When I wake up stressed about money, it’s usually because something unexpected has popped up on the radar of responsibilities. 

Instead of wallowing in the moment, I usually spend about 2 to 3 minutes down the rabbit hole of anxiety. And then, I need to clean.

I get to cleaning or throwing stuff out. It’s the worst if you live with me, because I tend to throw away important things that (at the moment) aren’t all that important… haha until the very near future.

Purging is my way of coping with stress. Decluttering somehow frees up mental space for me to deal with what is attacking my peace.

If I can’t get rid of anything, I clean and organize. But, since my place is always clean, I have to find something to straighten or clear out or enhance. Usually, I just wind up shuffling things around to a different position.

Then, somewhere in the process, I get ideas about what I can do.

The ideas don’t come when I’m racking my brain. They don’t come when I’m frustrated and bothered. 

They come when I’ve distracted myself from the situation, and busied my hands doing something that brings me peace.

It’s like how it is when you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep. When you try to force yourself to sleep, it won’t happen. The more sheep you count with the sole expectation of drifting to sleep, the more thoughts of what needs to be done or what you didn’t do come floating on in. 

Now, as I sit here at my laptop with a newly cleaned floor, I’m feeling positive and ready to be productive, not anxious like I was when I awoke.

Time to write some articles and get paid.

‘Cause problems don’t solve themselves in your head. Gotta get up and do something.


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