All I knew was that I wanted some professional photos. I have tons of pictures, and they’re mostly selfies.

The more public I become, I realize the importance of branding.

I’m finding the lane I want to be in, and how I want to apply my talents and skills wisely.

My only “musts” were to be in yellow, wearing a dress, outside somewhere in nature.

I scored this amazing yellow dress by shear happenstance. I was just stopping by FreeBird Cafe to get a smoothie and some crystals I’d been eyeing. I stepped to the back, where they have a little boutique of donated items. 

I fingered through the garments and was gravitated toward this long, yellow dress.

For the past few months, yellow has become a staple in my garments. I don’t know exactly when I fell in love with it but since last winter I’ve been drawn to yellow more and more.

And I had to be outside.

Since I’m basically on the path to being a full-grown hippy now, being outside is my therapy. It brings me joy and makes everything almost make sense.

The other day I was feeling cloudy-brained and took a short drive up the street to a nearby park. It’s actually an arboretum. After just a few minutes of fresh air and connecting with the trees, I felt immensely different. I took a stroll around the park, reading all the signs of the trees that told about the trees’ age, name and type.

Nature is therapy. It’s both the medicine and the cure.

So then I’d been eyeing the work of a South African sis who lives here in Chiang Mai. She has beautiful work. It’s another great perk to living in this city — it’s crawling with talent. It’s a magical place.

We shot in the morning, right up the street at my favorite waterfall.

It was my first shoot, and I’m not the best when it comes to poses in pictures without some direction, but overall I’d say it was a great shoot!

I love the pics, and wanted to share 💛 

Nature and Yellow. 

Photo credit: Lindsie Muller
Instagram: xlovelindsie

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