“Ready When You Are!”

All I knew was that I wanted some professional photos. I have tons of pictures, and they’re mostly selfies.

The more public I become, I realize the importance of branding.

I’m finding the lane I want to be in, and how I want to apply my talents and skills wisely.

My only “musts” were to be in yellow, wearing a dress, outside somewhere in nature.

I scored this amazing yellow dress by shear happenstance. I was just stopping by FreeBird Cafe to get a smoothie and some crystals I’d been eyeing. I stepped to the back, where they have a little boutique of donated items. 

I fingered through the garments and was gravitated toward this long, yellow dress.

For the past few months, yellow has become a staple in my garments. I don’t know exactly when I fell in love with it but since last winter I’ve been drawn to yellow more and more.

And I had to be outside.

Since I’m basically on the path to being a full-grown hippy now, being outside is my therapy. It brings me joy and makes everything almost make sense.

The other day I was feeling cloudy-brained and took a short drive up the street to a nearby park. It’s actually an arboretum. After just a few minutes of fresh air and connecting with the trees, I felt immensely different. I took a stroll around the park, reading all the signs of the trees that told about the trees’ age, name and type.

Nature is therapy. It’s both the medicine and the cure.

So then I’d been eyeing the work of a South African sis who lives here in Chiang Mai. She has beautiful work. It’s another great perk to living in this city — it’s crawling with talent. It’s a magical place.

We shot in the morning, right up the street at my favorite waterfall.

It was my first shoot, and I’m not the best when it comes to poses in pictures without some direction, but overall I’d say it was a great shoot!

I love the pics, and wanted to share 💛 

Nature and Yellow. 

Photo credit: Lindsie Muller
Instagram: xlovelindsie

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Home Love; it’s where the heart is

Nomad life is something else.

I’m always torn between feelings.

On the one hand, I really love living in another country. I enjoy visiting new places and seeing the world. On my own terms, I make my own decisions. It’s great.

On the other hand, sometimes you miss your people. Back home, I had no shortage of connections in many forms. 

Some were spiritual connections; they helped me dig deeper beyond the surface of matters. Some were fun connections, never nothing to do! Some were soul connections — we just vibed. Some were long-term, loyal connections that I’ve spent years with!

I do miss the camaraderie that living at home allows. I grew up in Atlanta. I got used to the city because it was home. I could make friends wherever I went. It’s like it infected you with a sweet pride or something. 

Southern hospitality could be a myth or the best thing that ever happened to you, depended on the day haha

I now see how much I miss companionship. One of my good friends came to visit from the States with our mutual friend, and my heart was full the entire time.

Felt good catching up; just being in good company. 

It felt good having familiarity around. Travel can change you. And since embracing my natural introvertedness, traveling has made it that much easier to isolate. Although I don’t think it’s a good thing, I genuinely am not bothered being alone. So I have to catch myself when I notice I’m having too much me-time.

But having my friends in town just lit up my world! 

Huay Kaew Waterfall – my favorite lil local spot

Hugs and excursions and laughs and good food. Friendship is like the gift that keeps on giving.

Maerim Elephant Sanctuary: (mud)bath time!

I wouldn’t change my decision to move, for sure. I’m enjoying so much about life; I’ll have to do better putting them into words. 

Spending time with one of my loves was absolutely everything. Our mutual friend — I met her in my girl’s Zumba class when she was an instructor many years ago — is super cool, and definitely the life of the party. I can go and keep going, but this life makes you slower. Especially in Chiang Mai. It was cool switching up the energy a little bit.

I got to get away from the computer for a while and just enjoy this magical city. It’s easy to get comfy like you’re a local and not take advantage of all the close-by interesting or fun things there are to do here. It was nice to go on some adventures, and to have some girls-night-outs.

I am so grateful for the wonderful, authentic people in my life. There are over 7 billion of us on this earth; it’s nice to make some wholesome connections.

In true Gratitude Awareness fashion (insert plug: check this month’s edition of Expat Divas — a magazine catered toward women of color who travel; I’m a contributor discussing how to incorporate a gratitude journal into your life daily to manifest blessings!), I am grateful to be surrounded by amazing people. 

My friend circle is healthy. I’m not the smartest one I’m surrounded by, so I can learn from others and grow. I’m learning to weed out the unnecessary and focus on being my best self.

Cheers to incredible friends and connections! 

p.s. Everyone has an open invitation to visit!