One thing I’m noticing about nomadic life is whatever you do becomes practically your whole identity.

If you go hiking, you’re a nature enthusiast. If you check out vegan restaurants, you’re eclectic. If you go to a few bars, you’re living on the wild side.

This era of appearances can make the truth a little harder to see. And sometimes, it’s downright invisible.

The misconception can happen so easily, too. One fuck up, and that’s all you, Homie.

You can no longer rely on the convenience of reputation. Instead, people are seeing you for who you present during every encounter. And that, as you can imagine, isn’t always the ideal light.

You don’t get a friend-pass because they know you’re not good at handling conflict. You don’t get a girl-pass because the moon and influx of feminine energy is effin with your insides. You don’t get a black-pass for not wanting to do black shit every day.

Familiarity has its perks. It doesn’t take twice as long to tell a story because you have to fill in the listener with the background. Trust flows like water, and suspicions are reduced. So, when you happen to do something “out of character”, the handy pile of history comes through to remind your friends “Oh, _’s just having a moment.”

But you don’t get to have a moment when you’re a stranger. All your moments are your social responsibility, which is quite a responsibility all its own. Adding the layer of newness to the equation means you need to stay consistent or you might experience more awkward social situations.

It’s amazing meeting new people. I love learning people’s story, because everyone has one, and no two people’s story is alike.

But, I might not want to be held to all my social decisions a year from now. Maybe I made a left when I should’ve made a right. We’re all figuring out our turns in life, and everyone’s life GPS is in a different language.

We are writing our story the way we want it told. Sometimes, we tell little lies. But, mostly, we’re true.

It’s a part of being human.

[Sidebar:: The key is finding someone who is telling their story as authentically as possible.
Finding as many someones trying to not only live in their truth, but speak in their living truth as well. And, that’s not easy. But, I think the closer you attempt to be in your own authenticity you’ll attract like-energy.]

Being a nomad, you get the chance to tell your story as often as you like, and change it when you want to start over.

I’m discovering my identity, and how I want to tell my story. That’s what I came for. That’s what I left for.

Some steps along the way might not be the best decisions. But, I’m new at this shit, so I’m giving my own self a pass.

Mistakes are allowed. Without them, we don’t learn; and without learning, we repeat.

Now I’m approaching life as a pathway. Not a racetrack.

My task: Control the pace.